Bcoz underwriting a loan

Getting good returns from stock markets is anyways a tough thing in itself. We all want to get great returns, but we have to shed this belief that, companies come up with plans specially for us.

Bcoz underwriting a loan

More so bcoz underwriting a loan the laws of this land have it that public office bearers are servants of the people, yes, us the people, you reading this article and me. As such, we the people naturally should have a say when our servants or workers seek a pay rise, not so?

We have taken time to listen to your argument for the pay rise and we see little sense in it. This so because of a number of reasons — the first being that we have given you a job, but you failed lamentably even after saving your necks from job losses the last three times we reviewed your performance.

We had hoped that you would improve, but you have let us down. We have given you the opportunity, the resources and we have even volunteered to help you make ours a better country, but you have failed us dearly for 17 years. We, in fact, find it rather provocative that you have the audacity to ask us your employers for a pay rise when you have failed to deliver.

Poverty according to the United Nations is living under a dollar a day. A dollar is about K and is nothing near what we need to feed our families.

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A Pamela rationed mealie mealwhich we survive on used to be K We need at least two of these to survive. The cost of food is going up with each new day. You have also failed us on the educational bit, dear sirs and madams, 44 years after independence our beloved country only has two universities.

Not enough to carter for the huge demand out here.

bcoz underwriting a loan

Year after year, we are producing legions of ill prepared school leavers into mass unemployment. Higher education is only available for the elite few, whereas the vast majority cannot afford the expenses that come with private and other public colleges.

Our smaller children sit on bricks and their teachers have no chalk. The teachers are unmotivated and our children are uninspired. No hope for a good future; just shattered dreams. Ours is a country where its better to be foreign than to be Zambian. The laws, attitudes and culture favors others.

The best deals in government are given to foreigners, the best resources, the best land, the tax system and the work culture favors others apart from our the children of this land. We have no ownership of this country. How many Zambians own a mine? Why is it that tax cuts are only given to foreigners and not us?

You have failed us. If anything you need a decrease. You need to be fired. Kindly rescind your intentions, dear sirs and madams, unless the pay rise will be across board; policemen, teachers, nurses, doctors, carpenters, plumbers, traders, marketers, marketers, the army, servicemen and women.

Only then can you justify your pay rise. Otherwise your pay rise will be an act of gross injustice, irresponsibility and selfishness. Besides, President Banda stands to gain a lot of mileage if he chooses not to assent to the bill; he needs some good PR right now.Dec 13,  · I send my child to buy 2 boxes of special bcoz we were expecting guests.

When they got there KFC garankuwa they were told the special is off. I googled the nr for KFC then they confirmed that if I haven't seen the advert last night that means it's1/5. Below is an important update on postgraduate medical training opportunities and survey.

A special invitation from Dr. Mei Ling Young, Provost of IMU Dear IMU alumni and students, IMU would like to help our students and graduates develop career paths.

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To withhold a GA on the basis of your own clear personal requirements with no underwriting in WIAGA (broad coverage, not too focused on a single detail.) somewhat undermines your position on Wikipedia I'm afraid. Business Purpose Loans Take care of your business capital requirements with a Business Purpose Loan.

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