Dos and donts of writing a speech

Posted February 7, by Elida D. Williams in Marriage Methods to Write a Father of the Groom Speech The special and possibly most memorable day of your son is going to happen in a couple weeks. As a father whose son is getting married, expect to create a grooms father speech.

Dos and donts of writing a speech

Of course, the former is a much larger portion of the debate, and the latter is almost always a huge straw-man argument that few people actually make, but serves to bolster the idea that anyone who takes issue with cultural appropriation is a hysterical hater.

That might not be clear when you first start looking into the issue, however. I bring this topic up precisely because it does scare and confuse and inflame. Except I want to avoid all that negative stuff as best I can.

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Much like in the post on what to call usI present you with my thoughts on the matter, recognising that there are legitimate arguments for and against my various positions. Not for me, not for you. If easy answers is what you seek, I shall leave you disappointed.

Because so much has been said on this topic about colonialism and racism and marginalisation and so forth, I wanted to add in a few points from a related but slightly different perspective than I often see discussed.

First, some resources A lot has been said on this issue, and although I do a lot of in-my-head work, I also read what other people have to say about these things.

I tend to focus on cultural appropriation as it relates to native peoples, though this issue is hardly limited to us. The blog Native Appropriations is a great place to do some reading.

It is honestly one of the best resources I have ever seen, so please give it a gander! There is no punchline actually. Each one of these things is a symbol, a visual recognition of a certain kind of achievement.

The symbol is important, but only because of what it represents. Without that deeper meaning, the Victoria Cross is gaudy jewellery, a Bachelor Degree is just a piece of paper, the Giller Prize is abstract art and an eagle feather is just ornamentation.

These symbols are restricted to those who have fulfilled certain criteria. Yes, there are people out there who would mock the symbols and wear representations of them for kicks. There are also people who would lie about their achievements and pretend to have earned what the symbols represent.

Sometimes these kinds of claims are met with criminal sanction, so seriously do we take this sort of thing. Restricted versus unrestricted So there are a category of symbols in Canadian culture which are restricted within that culture.

Not everyone can use those restricted symbols. There are rules about how you have to earn them, who can fashion the symbols themselves for you, who can present you with these symbols, and even sometimes what you can do with the symbols.

Obviously, other cultures also have restricted symbols linked to deeper, less obviously visible achievements. Then there are symbols in Canadian culture which are not restricted to those who have achieved specific things.


Every Canadian is entitled to use the Canadian flag for example, and the meaning behind the use of that flag will vary depending on what a person individually wishes to symbolise. A connection to the country? A call for unity? A protest against some action or policy?

The meaning varies though the symbol stays the same, and we can and do alter that meaning with how we use the symbol. We express different ideas with how we use the symbol, and we do not generally punish people for doing what they want with that symbol.

If someone unfamiliar with Canadian culture were to decorate herself with a string of fake Victoria Crosses, the reaction would be different than if the same person draped a Canadian flag over her non-Canadian shoulders.

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In the case of the Victoria Cross, there is a possibility that the person wants to make a statement about what the Victoria Cross represents. That would require understanding what the medal represents of course. Its meaning can vary just as much outside of Canadian culture as within it.

Canadians might be offended with how someone outside the culture uses the flag…but they can also just as likely be offended by how someone within the culture uses it. They represent various achievements made by the person who is presented with the feather. Being presented with a feather is a great honour.

dos and donts of writing a speech

Many indigenous people will receive only one in their life-time, or perhaps never have that opportunity. It would be like wearing that Victoria Cross I keep mentioning. Someone outside the culture might not realise what the symbol means and perhaps would not call that person out in disgust for wearing it…but those from within the culture probably would.

It would be shameful. It also cheapens the symbols earned by others.DO NOT write things like: he gasped, she spluttered, etc. Use the word ‘said’.

The Do's and Don'ts of Eulogy Speeches

The gasping and spluttering, etc., should be obvious from the situation, if the writing is effective. DO NOT write a picaresque story merely filled with one episode after another, with no tension or problem or resolution.

/ The Dos and Don’ts of Giving a Presentation Most college students, at one point or another in their academic career, will be required to give a presentation or speech in a class for a grade. Some may be required to pass a Speech course for their major, but most will surely be required to give a presentation in a number of classes.

The Do’s and Don’ts when Writing a Eulogy The sense of responsibility associated with writing and presenting a eulogy can feel overwhelming. The thought of having to find the words to summarise a life, and then deliver those words as a speech in front of friends and family is understandably daunting.

Learn to write better dialogue for the characters in your story or novel using these dialogue writing craft tips and techniques. Mimic the cadences of natural speech, but only to a point. 15 Responses to Dialogue Technique Dos And Don’ts. Robert Mackey says: June 8, at pm.

Here are the do's and don'ts of how to craft the perfect best man speech. We've given you a template you can work with to create your speech, as well as guidelines you should follow for . Do’s and Dont’s for your Groom Speech Speech Writing September 14, January 25, by Lawrence Bernstein The wedding ‘season’ is coming to an end, but I have had a flurry of enquiries about groom speeches over the past few days.

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