George bernard shaws the devils disciple essay

Quotes[ edit ] My specialty is being right when other people are wrong.

George bernard shaws the devils disciple essay

His objection to profane swearing is not borrowed from Mr. His opinion that English soldiers should be treated as thinking beings was no doubt as unwelcome to the military authorities of his time, when nothing was thought of ordering a soldier a thousand lashes, as it will be to those modern victims of the flagellation neurosis who are so anxious to George bernard shaws the devils disciple essay that discredited sport.

His military reports are very clever as criticisms, and are humane and enlightened within certain aristocratic limits, best illustrated perhaps by his declaration, which now sounds so curious, that he should blush to ask for promotion on any other ground than that of family influence.

As a parliamentary candidate, Burgoyne took our common expression "fighting an election" so very literally that he led his supporters to the poll at Preston in with a loaded pistol in each hand, and won the seat, though he was fined 1, pounds, and denounced by Junius, for the pistols.

It is only within quite recent years that any general recognition has become possible for the feeling that led Burgoyne, a professed enemy of oppression in India and elsewhere, to accept his American command when so many other officers threw up their commissions rather than serve in a civil war against the Colonies.

His biographer De Fonblanque, writing inevidently regarded his position as indefensible. Nowadays, it is sufficient to say that Burgoyne was an Imperialist. He sympathized with the colonists; but when they proposed as a remedy the disruption of the Empire, he regarded that as a step backward in civilization.

As he put it to the House of Commons, "while we remember that we are contending against brothers and fellow subjects, we must also remember that we are contending in this crisis for the fate of the British Empire.

In the Whigs who represented the anti-Burgoyne tradition of American Independence in English politics, abandoned Gladstone and made common cause with their political opponents in defence of the Union between England and Ireland. Only the other day England sentmen into the field south of the equator to fight out the question whether South Africa should develop as a Federation of British Colonies or as an independent Afrikander United States.

The Devil's Disciple by George Bernard Shaw: Notes to the Devil's Disciple

In all these cases the Unionists who were detached from their parties were called renegades, as Burgoyne was. That, of course, is only one of the unfortunate consequences of the fact that mankind, being for the most part incapable of politics, accepts vituperation as an easy and congenial substitute.

George bernard shaws the devils disciple essay

Leonard Courtney was in the right will never be settled, because it will never be possible to prove that the government of the victor has been better for mankind than the government of the vanquished would have been. It is true that the victors have no doubt on the point; but to the dramatist, that certainty of theirs is only part of the human comedy.

Both are Unionists concerning Canada, but with a difference as to the precise application to it of the Monroe doctrine. As for me, the dramatist, I smile, and lead the conversation back to Burgoyne.

Burgoyne got as far as Saratoga, where, failing the expected reinforcement, he was hopelessly outnumbered, and his officers picked off, Boer fashion, by the American farmer-sharpshooters. His own collar was pierced by a bullet. When Burgoyne realized what had happened about the instructions to Howe [the scene in which I have represented him as learning it before Saratoga is not historical: Burgoyne immediately resigned all his appointments; and this practically closed his military career, though he was afterwards made Commander of the Forces in Ireland for the purpose of banishing him from parliament.

The episode illustrates the curious perversion of the English sense of honor when the privileges and prestige of the aristocracy are at stake. Frank Harris said, after the disastrous battle of Modder River, that the English, having lost America a century ago because they preferred George III, were quite prepared to lose South Africa to-day because they preferred aristocratic commanders to successful ones.

Horace Walpole, when the parliamentary recess came at a critical period of the War of Independence, said that the Lords could not be expected to lose their pheasant shooting for the sake of America. In the working class, which, like all classes, has its own official aristocracy, there is the same reluctance to discredit an institution or to "do a man out of his job.

It is stupidity, not dishonesty. Burgoyne fell a victim to this stupidity in two ways. Not only was he thrown over, in spite of his high character and distinguished services, to screen a court favorite who had actually been cashiered for cowardice and misconduct in the field fifteen years before; but his peculiar critical temperament and talent, artistic, satirical, rather histrionic, and his fastidious delicacy of sentiment, his fine spirit and humanity, were just the qualities to make him disliked by stupid people because of their dread of ironic criticism.

Long after his death, Thackeray, who had an intense sense of human character, but was typically stupid in valuing and interpreting it, instinctively sneered at him and exulted in his defeat.

That sneer represents the common English attitude towards the Burgoyne type. Every instance in which the critical genius is defeated, and the stupid genius [for both temperaments have their genius] "muddles through all right," is popular in England.

What man could do under the circumstances he did, and did handsomely and loftily. He fell, and his ideal empire was dismembered, not through his own misconduct, but because Sir George Germain overestimated the importance of his Kentish holiday, and underestimated the difficulty of conquering those remote and inferior creatures, the colonists.May 19,  · George Bernard Shaw's "The Devil's Disciple": characters When we atomic number 18 first introduced to Richard extravagantly dudgeon, at the reading of his late take herds grasss pull up adventure in his childhood home, we carry already learned of his character from the opinions of three former(a) characters: firstly, his obtain.

Essay on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion Words | 8 Pages. George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion G.B Shaw believed that people should not be limited by their birth, environment or speech.

With reference to Act 1 & Act five of Pygmalion, show how Eliza finds her status affected by all of these factors. My method is to take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then to say it with the utmost levity.

Themes of George Bernard Shaw's Play Pygmalion Essay Words | 5 Pages Themes of George Bernard Shaw's Play Pygmalion Pygmalion and My Fair Lady are a modern parallel of the story of Pygmalion, legendary sculptor and King of Cyprus, who fell in love with his own statue of Aphrodite.

Biography of George Bernard Shaw and a searchable collection of works. include The Devil's Disciple (), Caesar and Cleopatra (), , possibly including full books or essays about George Bernard Shaw written by other authors featured on this site.

Shaw and The Devil’s Disciple The arrival of the 20th century marked a major evolution in the theatre. Ibsen and Chekhov were writing their last plays, and the torch of advancing the art form was being handed to a different type of theatre artist in England.

George bernard shaws the devils disciple essay

At this time, George Bernard Shaw was developing his own view of what it meant to be a playwright.