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If you answered yes, youre not alone. According to Allan Fowler, president of Universal Purchasing Association UPAeven those who have fared well in the uniform industry for years are finding a learning curve when it comes to understanding pricing in this industry. To some, great mystery surrounds the specialty products pricing structure, but it doesnt have to be hieroglyphics to you. It is a whole new ballgame but not terribly difficult to understand.

Magazine todays market structure

March 14, Mention Google Maps, satellite navigation systems or GPS enabled cabs and faces light up with interest immediately! It is a key emerging and evolving industry that offers an excellent career avenue with immense potential and many as-yet undiscovered opportunities.

This geospatial information along with geographic information systems is used to tackle varied problems of geography, geosciences and related branches of engineering.

It includes remote sensing of images, mapping, modelling, development of geospatial databases, information systems design, and uses geocomputation and geovisualisation for analysing the geoinformation.

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The derived results are disseminated in user-friendly formats that are regularly updated. Geoinformatics is an interdisciplinary field with wide-ranging applications in almost all walks of life.

It is most useful for government planning like urban and rural planning, land use Magazine todays market structure, agriculture, forestry, public health, natural resource management, infrastructure development and even the defence sector.

For transport, it proves nifty for in-car navigation systems, automatic vehicle location systems, aviation, maritime transport and traffic network planning and management.

Meteorology, oceanography, criminology and crime simulation also benefit from geoinformatics. It holds great promise in climate change studies, environmental modelling and analysis, disaster management and preparedness and telecommunications.

Business location planning, architecture and archaeological reconstruction are also hugely improved by the use of geoinformatics.

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Geography and Earth Sciences rely on geoinformatic data as well. Educational background Geoinformatics is a specialised field necessitating expert knowledge. Background in science stream is a must. Students from geography, geology, agriculture, engineering, IT or computer science fields can gain admission to M.

There is the option to follow up with Ph. Shorter diploma, certificate and M. The professional education imparts knowledge of the techniques, technology and models used for projection systems, annotation dimension and plotting, database management, 3D visualisation, thematic mapping, remote sensing platforms, geographic information systems and global positioning systems.

It also equips students with the latest trends in geospatial science and technology. Various branches include web mapping, photogrammetry, cartography, geodesy, disaster management, global navigation satellite systems, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

On the personal front, this demanding field calls for genuine interest and passion for the subject matter. Students should be eager to learn and enthusiastically push the limits to find new solutions.

Robust analytical and problem-solving skills will stand them in good stead. A positive outlook, creativity and strong verbal and written communication skills go without saying.

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Two other essential requirements are — willingness to relocate and ongoing learning. Job prospects Major users of geoinformatics applications and therefore employers are the Central and State governments. Then there are environmental agencies, national survey and mapping organisations, mineral exploration, utility companies, emergency services, public health and epidemiology, international organisations, United Nations, crime mapping, transportation and infrastructure, tourist industry, market analysis and e-commerce and so on.

Professor, reader and research positions are available in academic institutions, and the prospects of starting one's own enterprise. Salary ranges vary widely depending on the location, discipline and experience. Approximate starting salary is Rs.

Magazine todays market structure

Career potential The geoinformatics field is in its nascent stage and expanding at a rapid pace as more and more industries are employing spatial data to manage their activities. Almost no developmental project is complete without geospatial information and it will soon become imperative.

The only limit is the acute shortage of skilled professionals. Therefore, there is tremendous scope with accelerated growth and development prospects. The pervasive use in diverse disciplines ensures a wide variety of employment opportunities.

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Stocks have taken a beating in recent years and that has many people questioning whether or not to bail out.

I answer a reader's concern about the stock market. The American Hospital Association Environmental Scan provides insight and information about market forces that have a high probability of affecting the health care field. It is designed to help hospital and health system leaders better understand the health care landscape and the critical.

Jack delivered a landmark speech at the Morningstar Investment Conference on April 27, The Road Less Traveled. The speech chronicles the remarkable rise of Vanguard and indexing from a sort-of-joke in to unprecedented industry domination in , largely because of its mutual structure and its index strategy.

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