Spark by charles bukowski

He continually wrote his way out of tricky situations and in many instances saved his own life with his writing. With such a penchant for using words to their fullest, it makes sense that Hamilton the Musical would have ample quotable moments. In true Hamilton style, the score for this musical includes a whopping fifty-two tunes, each as jam-packed with intricate verses as the last.

Spark by charles bukowski

Few poets express joy and contentedness, though some do. Most express deepest thoughts of life and death- thoughts that often bring agony, frustration, or listlessness, but rarely joy. These most beloved poets express that which we have all felt but could never quite put words to, that feeling of meaninglessness and vanity that sweeps over us and clouds our thoughts in moments of silence.

In this poem, Alone with Everybody, Charles Bukowski expresses this particular feeling in words that seem to five something real and tangible to this often inexpressible feeling.

The title itself immediately connects the readers to the meaning and the feeling of the poem. Most people have at one time or another felt alone even if they were with people.

Anyone who has ever felt lonely when surrounded by people knows that it is a rather hopeless feeling. For if human contact cannot cure loneliness, than what can?

And so the reader immediately feels connected to the speaker in that they have both experienced this feeling of deepest loneliness which seems to have no cure.

The speaker feels like nothing other than flesh covering bone. He sees that everyone else is flesh and bone as well. Lines In a yet melancholy tone, the speaker reveals the outcome of this feeling of meaninglessness and hopelessness in mankind.

Women, he portrays as expressing this feeling in bursts of anger. Men, he portrays as numbing the feeling by drinking away their sobriety. Lines In these lines, the speakers expresses the earnest desire to find that one person with whom to experience life and give of themselves to one another spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Lines These lines give the reader expression for that sense of deepest loneliness that has already been felt. They give expression to a feeling of meaninglessness.

These words essentially suggest that human beings are nothing more than flesh covering bone, by instinct search for more flesh. The speaker continues, Lines At this point, the speaker concludes that as he is only flesh and bone, and there seems no chance at meaningful human connection.

The lack of meaning and value in his life clearly stems from his lack of authentic human interaction. Although he is with everybody, as the title suggests, he has not yet found anyone with whom he can actually share his life.

He suggests that the idea of finding meaningful human interaction in all in the fantastical life of people, but is never actualized. He suggests that we are but flesh and bone, striving for meaningful human contact, but doomed for a fate of loneliness.

Lines The ending of this poem is certainly interesting. The speaker is clearly searching to fill a void that he feels in his life. This void, he believes, is the lack of a person to share his life with.

He loses hope that the void can be filled. He feels empty and desolate. So he lists the things that he has seen filled: And so he ends his poem with the same feeling of utter meaninglessness with which it began. Though he is surrounded by people, he feels alone. He believes he may or may not have a soul, and he feels hopeless at the prospect of filling the void in his heart.

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Spark by charles bukowski

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