Teenagers must be allowed to make

Maximum words Submit Teens can be given more self-independence, But not the right to make all of their own decisions.

Teenagers must be allowed to make

Report this Argument Pro C1: The teenager has learned enough values, while they were kids. A teenager can learn more if they experience the world for themselves, rather then hearing what their parents have experienced.

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Also, if the teenager gets into a difficult hole it will be the parents job to help them out. The teenager should be incouraged and given advice from the parents, but the parents who are no better then the teen should not have any say in how a teen conducts their life.

The teen is an individual in charge of their own life. The teenager would learn first hand what it is like in the world and will be forced to adapt to the hardships of life and make something of themselves.

My opponent says that the parents are responsibe for whatever their teens do according to the law.

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This true but the parents can grant the teen emancipation, which is perfectly legal and should be done. This is how the teen would learn from their mistakes that they would make.

Teenagers must be allowed to make

In conclusion, Teens would would learn more without the rules that their parents give them. Teens should be incouraged but not forced. Teens would learn everything from being exposed to what the world really is.

It is perfectly lawful for teens to be emancipated from their parents authority. Teenagers are known to be confrontational of social responsibilities. My opponent also states that it is the parents job to help them if he or she gets into a hole which defeats the entire purpose of what my opponent is trying to suggest.

My opponent is trying to suggest that letting teenagers, in essence, raise themselves while at the same time stating that if the teenager does something wrong that the parent should save them, thus defeating the purpose.

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How is it defeating the purpose? By letting the child attempt to adapt into an adult world or even making their own decisions without real consequence the parents save them the teenager learns that the parent will always be there to save him or her. With the current parental guidance given to teenagers, even adolescences, drug rates have gone down.

Drugs will most likely lead to a hole that is extremely difficult to get out of. Granted this is one scenario, I'll provide one more. A teenager girl who has no help from her parents may hurt their growth and view about how the world works.

In today's society girls are generally seen as sex objects. A young girl being exposed to such views may end up as a prostitute due to the mentality that they are of no use elsewhere.

Just giving a juvenile s emancipation will hurt them. The quote above are all reasonable reason as to when a child is able to manage their own life.

Without any of the above reasons the teenager is susceptible to all laws which he or she will most likely not be aware of, thus hurting them.Yes They should.

Teenagers need to make their own decisions because they are going o have to make their own as an adult. Think about it, when you were a child you had to learn some skills by doing them on your own, like riding a bike or creating a conversation.

Sep 25,  · The kids should be allowed to continue you school at least they can get an education to care for they kids. This is the world we live in now get over it people.

James. Ages Teens Are Legally Allowed to Work The FLSA places restrictions on employment for minor workers (workers under age 18), depending on their age, the time of year, the day of the week, and more. The FLSA sets the minimum working age at 14 for non-agricultural jobs.

Teenagers should always file taxes.

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Oct 12,  · To become an independent adult a teen must be allowed to make his/her own discussions. That being said, there are certain decisions that need the guidance of a more experienced mind. We cannot shelter a teen from all the world has to throw at them, but we should be able to comfort and guide them through some of life’s more difficult webkandii.com: Resolved.

Contention 1: If parents make all the descisions for the teen, the teen would never learn how to make them. The teen would reach adulthood and never have any kind of experience, and that could have negative consequences.

Teenagers should be allowed to make own their decisions. What is your opinion? | Yahoo Answers