The role of the canadian broadcasting corporation in engaging the citizens of canada

The Beijing Olympics were brought to Canadians by the national public broadcaster, who made history by launching the most robust online Olympic experience in Canadian history: Through a partnership with Bell, Bell Mobility subscribers were able to receive live streaming video and on-demand highlight packages of CBC and Radio-Canada Olympic Games coverage throughout the day. Four million monthly visitors came to Radio-Canada.

The role of the canadian broadcasting corporation in engaging the citizens of canada

Rogers, who is also chancellor of the University of Victoria, will discuss the impact of hearing hundreds of residential school survivors speak at national and regional events.

The role of the canadian broadcasting corporation in engaging the citizens of canada

The real history of Canada was not taught to generations of Canadian school children—but indigenous peoples lived it. What does reconciliation mean now that Canada knows the truth of their experience?

The talk takes place at the Segal Building on Apr. The event is free to attend and open to everyone. To guarantee a seat, please register as seats are limited. In your words, what is reconciliation? It is respect, it is listening, it is putting things together in a new way, it is harmony, understanding, it is acting with humility.

Like any relationship, it is work. It is living in a country that keeps its promises. You've committed yourself to working toward reconciliation from coast to coast for the rest of your life.

What are some of the things you hope to accomplish? It would be wonderful to help create a culture of listening. When I think about it, I have been what you could call a paid listener for four decades and I feel I have so much more to learn.

For that matter, I have many things to unlearn, as well. What can we do as Canadians to support reconciliation? The first step is to engage.

Without learning the truth, the scale of the wrongs done to Indigenous people and Indigenous children cannot be fully understood. Seek out the protocols in the territory you are in, consult, ask permission before acting, acknowledge history, acknowledge and respect culture, follow through on commitments, give back and pay forward.

I think that supporting reconciliation is an ongoing act of citizenship and as citizens we have great strength here, especially when we work together.

The role of the canadian broadcasting corporation in engaging the citizens of canada

Some call reconciliation an action word. We have to commit to learning the truth about our shared history and resolve to do something for positive change.

As is the amazing fiction and non-fiction work by Indigenous authors in Canada. I appreciate that the 94 calls to action of the TRC are called that. We are all called to action. Is there anything else you'd like to add or say?

One of my favourite quotes is from the legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie who told me that, "The good news about the bad news is that so many more people know now. This is a great honour.THE TRIAL BY FIRE OF THE CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION Canadian broadcasting today Canadians live in one of .

Recent actions taken by the Australian, Canadian, and UK governments illustrate a troubling trend towards the expansion of citizenship revocation against its own citizens . The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation took over operation of the CRBC's nine radio stations (which were largely concentrated in major cities across Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and .


At SFU’s Vancouver campus on Thursday, Apr. 27, acclaimed radio journalist Shelagh Rogers, OC will reflect on being an honorary witness for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC).

Operation of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada has established terms of reference for the role, CBC/Radio-Canada will give consideration to appointing someone to assume this responsibility within our organization. Experiencing citizenship through pipeline politics: The case of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in Canada.

Canadians’ conceptions of citizenship and the role of the public in energy infrastructure projects. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Canada’s state-owned news source CEA Agency: Canadian Environmental Assessment.

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